Lyz Wendland


My work explores my interest in mapping, architecture and nature; especially the appeal of repetition, which implies the reassuring promise of reliability. My abstract sculptures and paintings reflect the comfort offered by repeating forms and actions. They also connect the everyday mundane that parallels the predictability of suburban structures. 

Geometric and organic shapes comment on architecture and the dichotomy it has to natural areas. My color palette is overly saturated negating the standard Band-Aid prevalent tones within residential design.  

Founded on explorations of color and shape, this resulting work is grounded in interplay of visual language between two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces. The lines, shapes and forms I observe in my neighborhood results in my current body of work, which is made up of layered processes of painting and sculpture. Through these explorations, I seek to challenge viewers’ assumptions about space and place, while casting familiar landscapes into new contexts.